Yellowstone National Park

Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho

DHM Design has worked with our consultant team on many projects in Yellowstone National Park, from landscape assessments to lodging and employee housing. The projects highlighted below indicate our expertise in this environment:

Fishing Bridge Campground: DHM Design implemented the preferred alternative of the Renovation of Fishing Bridge RV Park to update and improve the existing campground facilities and RV sites.

Canyon Village Lodging Redevelopment: The Canyon Village Lodging Redevelopment Plan replaces the 410 obsolete cabin-style lodging units (constructed in 1957) with an equal number of units consolidated into five larger buildings, built in the grand lodge tradition of the National Park Service. A new registration building was constructed, and circulation and parking has been improved.  The total accommodation mix has three types of units, including 60 budget rooms with common baths, 340 standard rooms, and 10 deluxe two-bedroom units. The project was constructed with modular factory-built construction and assembled at the site to accommodate the short construction season and harsh winter environment.

Maintained Landscape Assessment: DHM assessed the components, features, equipment, systems, etc. associated with the landscape, enabling park management to better understand potential key cost drivers. The inventory included all government-owned, concessioner-managed facilities related to 900 structures and 1300 campsites. Information gathered from this assessment assists the NPS Commercial Services Program in the management of existing concessions contracts and as a basis for establishing a framework for new leases.

Employee Housing Master Plan: As part of their nationwide effort to improve facilities for their employees, the National Park Service undertook a comprehensive effort to plan for improved communities focusing on employee housing and support facilities. For each of the 10 communities, a careful evaluation was made of man-made and natural conditions. From this evaluation, up to three alternative sites for each new or renovated community were identified. A master plan, environmental assessment, and associated design guidelines were then prepared for each community.

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