Little Round Top Visitor Use Area Rehabilitation

Gettysburg National Battlefield

DHM is working with the National Park Service to provide enhanced pedestrian circulation that protects the natural environment at Little Round Top. The battle on July 2nd, 1863 has been hailed as a turning point in the Civil War. With its rocky terrain and rolling fields, Little Round Top persists today as a symbol of valor and bloodshed, perseverance and sacrifice.  Little Round Top is one of the most heavily visited sites within Gettysburg National Military Park. The volume of visitors to Little Round Top exceeds the capacity of existing roads and paths causing significant damage to the cultural and natural resources.  The project goals are to eliminate safety concerns and resource damage, use existing features to control pedestrian traffic, stabilize foundations of markers and monuments, realign pedestrian walkways to commemorative era road alignments and accessible routes, and protect the fragile natural environment.

Project Team

Heritage Landscapes

Louis Berger/WSP


JWH Environmental Consulting

Schnabel Engineering