Uptown Butte Master Plan

Butte, Montana

Butte, as the first major city in Montana and, at one time, the largest city west of the Mississippi River between Chicago and San Francisco, can accurately lay claim to the title of ‘Montana’s most historic city.’ From its early days as a mining camp, to the rise of the Copper Kings and the resulting birth of the labor movement, through the industrialization and decline of mining, and down to a present marked by an environmental and urban renaissance, Butte’s history is as colorful and diverse as the landscape of Montana. DHM is leading a team to develop a strategic planning process that will serve as a catalyst to energize redevelopment and revitalization. The team is analyzing existing opportunities and issues, setting the vision, and developing an action plan for achieving the goals. A strong emphasis on public participation will bring together representatives from a broad range of stakeholders and maintain an inclusive process through community dialogue, consensus building and action. The team will analyze existing zoning, codes, and ordinances to ensure growth and development in Uptown Butte is in line with community goals. Additional analysis of existing land use, building ownership and vacancies, and ownership patterns will put an emphasis on redevelopment and new business opportunities, along with current market studies and the development of marketing strategies for Uptown Butte.


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