Pelican Ponds Open Space

Pelican Ponds Open Space is a 240-acre property that was acquired by Adams County from Aggregate Industries, Inc, at which DHM Design was involved in the early master planning in 2003. The site was used for gravel extraction and processing until the early 1990’s and although reclamation has occurred, the site still shows signs of impacts and degradation from the mining activity. DHM Design is helping implement the extensive multi-faceted project that focuses on environmental restoration and developing public access amenities. The scope of work also includes restoration and realignment of the South Platte River Trail, creating public access to the river and fishing ponds, restoring habitat and improving flood conveyance through the property. Site improvements will focus on about 90-acres of land to include a parking lot, restroom, picnic shelters, fishing access improvements, trails, signage, wildlife viewing, and will enhance the public’s understanding of the importance and value of wildlife.


Riparian Habitat Restoration
Landscape Architecture
Parking Lot
Picnic Shelters
Fishing Access
Wildlife Viewing Areas

Project Team

CDM Smith