Ecological Services

DHM Design is passionate about enhancing the interconnection between natural systems and human development and is dedicated to protecting the integrity of the land and ecosystem in every aspect of the planning and design processes.

We have spent 40 years developing an important understanding of how connections and relationships to the natural environment can be communicated through master planning processes.  We offer in-house solutions that emphasize ecological planning and natural resource management in every aspect of the planning and design processes.  Our ecological team members are not outside consultants, but principals within our firm and work carefully with our design staff on all aspects of our projects.  Our approach to natural area master planning is to first understand the resource carefully with dedicated analysis of the ecological components of a site.  All decisions come from this careful understanding, and through this process, sustainable and creative opportunities emerge.

We consider ecological planning to be the true intersection of landscape architecture, planning, and ecological services.  We make a commitment to include ecological planning into how we approach all projects, from large-scale private ranches to small urban parks.  These are not considered external services, but rather integrated into each of our projects.  We pride ourselves in discovering unique ecological opportunities that connect landscape architecture and our design approach with the greater natural world around us.

Contact us for more information on our Ecological Services :

Stephen Ellsperman , DHM Director of Ecological Services  |  |  970.963.6520