April 13, 2017 | by Shara

Besides Aikido and Ballroom Dancing, Agrostology (the study of grasses) was my favorite course in college.

I remember collecting grass specimens all over the Gallatin Valley and returning to the lab to identify, classify, and paste the grasses in a giant three ring binder.  An overachiever by nature, I created two grass catalogs which became my trusty friends for identifying grasses and grass-like species over the years.  These books accompanied me through 10 moves, across three states and finally found their way back to the Gallatin Valley when my husband and I moved to back Bozeman nearly two years ago.

Although I still appreciate the tactile feel of the homemade catalogs, I have found another resource for identifying grasses: it’s an app called Grasses of Montana by High Country Apps.  This is a very handy guide for identifying  graminoids (grasses and grass-li.ke plants) inhabiting Montana and adjacent areas of Wyoming, North Dakota, and IdahoCheck out High Country Apps for other wildflower identification apps such as Colorado Wildflowers, Glacier Wildflowers, Idaho Wildflowers, Montana Grasses, Oregon Wildflowers, Flora of the Wasatch, Flora of Texas: Fort Worth Prairie, Washington Wildflowers, Flora of Yellowstone, and Yosemite Wildflowers.


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