True Nature Healing Arts

Carbondale, Colorado


Carbondale, Colorado

Project Category

  • Hospitality


CCASLA Merit Award for Design 2014 True Nature

The True Nature Healing Arts (TNHA) garden is a peaceful sanctuary, free and open to the public from dawn to dusk. The therapeutic environment incorporates several healing modalities, including a labyrinth, reflexology path, outdoor yoga space, outdoor massage area, and contemplative gardens. The movement between gardens and building is completely integrated and activity moves seamlessly from one area to the next. Designed to inspire, each element is carefully conceived and shaped to support the healing work undertaken at the yoga studio and spa. Each detail of the garden is carefully and artfully crafted. The drain tiles, set in clover lawn and created from vertically aligned sandstone slabs, line the edge of the tea patio to collect rain water.

Now in the second phase of the project, a new Kiva is currently under construction and slated to open this spring.  The landscape will continue to unfold over 2018 as the peace garden expands to surround the kiva.  Some new features will include a wishing tree, the ganesha sculture, and the rooftop zen garden.  There will be more opportunities to stroll, rest, and visit within the beautiful grounds of TNHA.