Basalt River Restoration

Basalt, Colorado


Basalt, Colorado

Project Category

  • Civic
  • Ecological



The Roaring Fork River bisects the mountain town of Basalt, creating both opportunities and challenges for this Western Slope community.  Our cohesive design team of Landscape Architects, Ecologists, and Engineers collaborated to restore and realign the river and to provide safe access for the community.  The process included removal of an outdated levee and the alteration of hydrological patterns to address sedimentation and erosion. The floodplain was adjusted and wetland systems were expanded. Developable land was created adjacent to the downtown core outside of the floodplain and new park spaces were created adjacent to the river within the floodplain.  The project resulted in opportunities for people to interact with the river and provided a vital, visual and physical connection to the river.

The project benefited from the distinct advantages of each discipline and was spearheaded by our in-house team of Landscape Architects and Ecologists who worked in tandem to achieve multi-purposed project goals: restoration of the river corridor, evaluation of hydrological and ecological systems, and improvement of the natural systems. Through an internal commitment to ground all decisions in a strong ecological foundation, the team achieved sustainable and creative solutions to restore the overall health of the corridor. The Roaring Fork River is now better connected to the adjacent downtown core, serving as an integral part of the community’s identity for years to come. The restoration project is a model of community stewardship allowing for human interaction and connection to a riparian corridor that embodies a healthy and beautiful ecosystem.