Skyline Park

Arvada, Colorado

The Final Master Plan for Skyline Park responded to neighborhood input from three public meetings, staff comments from the City of Arvada and the goals established for the project. The design has a meandering “creek like” layout of walkways, shrub beds and site features and a wildlife theming of the playground.The south portion of the site has been preserved as “natural” open space with wetlands, wet meadow and wildlife habitat left in place. The straight line edge of cattails are visually softened with other plantings to provide a more natural appearance. Trails are limited to the edge of the wetland area with interpretive signage and “Living with Coyote” signs.

The activity area includes picnic shelters, playgrounds and hardcourts is centered on the site with generous landscape buffers that provide screening from adjacent homes. Play equipment and shelters have earthtoned colors to better blend into the landscape. A custom climbing sculpture with coyote and fossils were constructed in both playgrounds. Activities were provided for all ages based upon the survey and public input. DHM Design and Smith Environmental conducted an extensive site inventory and analysis for the 17 acre park site. The inventory included verification of utilities, easements, topography, drainage, vegetative types and existing wildlife species.


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