Mountain King Ranch

Daniel, Wyoming

The expansive 30,000 acre Mountain King Ranch is tucked up against the Wyoming Range in Sublette County, Wyoming and is bordered by Bureau of Land Management and United States Forest Service lands to the east and west respectively. The physical setting of the ranch is characterized by its immense wildlife resources which provide numerous sportsman and recreation opportunities. A detailed analysis of the conservation values, including the wildlife habitat, migration corridors, breeding grounds, etc., was an integral part of the master planning process and became the organizing element in which the master plan was based upon. In close collaboration with the project team, DHM is developing a Shared Ranch Master Plan that identifies the primary ranch amenities and sites eleven ±280 acre lots within the larger property boundary. Included in those amenities is the conservation easement encompassing the southern portion of the ranch within which DHM worked to master plan ranch improvements and future restoration opportunities.


Site Inventory and Analysis
Ecological Analysis Master Planning
Detailed Site Design

Project Team

Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates
Rio Verde Engineering