Lift One Neighborhood COWOP

Aspen, Colorado

This project encompasses approximately 8 acres at the base of Aspen Mountain which includes the original, historic Lift One. It is a Public/Private partnership between the City of Aspen, the Aspen Ski Company and two hotel developments. DHM provided planning, design and graphic support to a 27 person citizen’s committee throughout a six month public process (COWOP), participating in weekly meetings, design charrettes, and presentations. DHM produced graphic diagrams during the early COWOP meetings to give form to the ideas as they were created and discussed by the whole committee. These ideas were then taken away to be refined into site plans and formatted with perspective sketches and character photographs. The design team prepared new design graphics on a weekly basis to aid the COWOP in moving the process forward. Based on direction given by the committee during the course of the COWOP process, the graphics and ideas evolved, eventually developing into site plan studies, graphic visualizations and submittal documents for an agreed upon plan.

Lift One Neighborhood Master Plan Landscape Architecture


Public Process
Landscape Architecture

Project Team

City of Aspen Planning Dept.
POSS Architecture + Planning
Robert Schultz Consulting
Vann and Associates

City of Aspen Aspen Ski Company