Fishers Peak State Park Stewardship Plan

Trinidad, Colorado

DHM Design ecological staff was contracted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife to lead efforts for developing a Stewardship Plan for one of the newest state Parks in Colorado, Fisher’s Peak State Park in Las Animas County. The Stewardship Plan is a long-term natural resources planning document that summarizes all natural and cultural resources in the Park and provides recommendations of how to preserve and protect them in future years considering recreational impacts from visitation. Work included compiling data from resource surveys into a chapter summarizing important resources at the Park, creating prioritized stewardship actions, and providing a comprehensive list of best management practices.

The updated stewardship plan will help the park’s manager make informed decisions about resource management and prioritize conservation efforts in the coming years. The plan will also guide visitor use, ensuring that visitors can enjoy the park’s natural and cultural resources while minimizing their impact on the environment. The information contained in the updated stewardship plans will be valuable for stakeholders such as community groups, government agencies, and educational institutions, as they can use it to inform their decisions and efforts in supporting the preservation of these valuable resources. By updating the stewardship plans, this project has contributed to the long-term protection and preservation of Fishers Peak. Close coordination and communication with Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff was essential to the successful completion of the long-term planning documents.