Markel + Wottge Open Space Properties Wetland Delineation and Natural Resource Report

Broomfield, Colorado

DHM worked with the City and County of Broomfield to provide master planning and concept design services for the Markel Property and Wottge Property Open Spaces. We evaluated the natural resources on each of the Open Space properties, developing a Natural Resources Assessment Report and a Wetland Delineation Report for future planning use. The project also included numerous public outreach events and surveys, and input from the community was directly communicated in each revision of the conceptual plans. Each concept plan included new soft surface trails, minimal site furnishings, and designated restoration zones. These passive recreational opportunities allow access to the Open Spaces, but keep the vast majority of the site vegetated and free of programming. Another important component to the master plan was to provide trail connections to adjacent regional and local trails, connecting the local community to a wider trail network in Broomfield and beyond.

DHM Design ecological staff conducted an ecological site assessment to evaluate current site conditions and a wetland delineation to document wetlands present at the site, prior to starting the Trails Master Planning Process. The team mapped resources (vegetation communities, wetlands, raptor sightings, plant inventory), created aesthetically-pleasing map products, and ultimately provided useable, on-the-ground site restoration and enhancement opportunities for the City and County of Broomfield. Options included recommendations for wetland creation, pollinator habitat enhancement, locations for installing wildlife habitat enhancement features (bluebird boxes, bat houses, etc.), and non-native plant management. The ecological survey results were used by DHM Design’s landscape architects to create a sustainable, resource-conscious Master Plan that balanced the need for recreation and preservation of the site’s ecological resources.