Zion National Park

Springdale, Utah

DHM has worked on numerous projects throughout Zion National Park . One of the major on-going projects is planning for the entire South Entrance Area at Zion National Park in Springdale, UT. We have completed projects at Watchman Campground, the Visitor Center, Emerald Pools, and Weeping Rock. Conceptual plans have been created for entry stations, a new roundabout, campgrounds, vehicular and pedestrian bridges, trails, bike access, entry road and parking areas. The designs will improve wayfinding for visitors to the main transit hub and visitor center. These options reflect core National Park Service values for visitor experience and natural resources preservation. With rapid growth of visitation in Zion National Park, the Park’s shuttle system is experiencing heavy use. The queue lines can stretch across the entire Visitor Center plaza. To enhance sustainability of the system, Zion is going to phase in new electric buses. A Shuttle Stop needed to be reconfigured to accommodate the larger turning radii of the new buses. To improve visitor comfort, shade shelters and seating will be added. The plaza for pick-up and drop-off will be expanded with improved accommodations for Park staff that are assisting visitors.

Watchman Campground Loop E is the group portion of the campground at the Park. The enhanced campground accommodates up to 240 people and parking is provided for up to 50 cars. RV and camper trailer spaces, and tent spaces are provided at the campground site. Each of the seven group sites in the campground hosts at least one picnic shelter, one multi-pedestal ADA grill, and one ADA fire ring. The campground features crusher fines camping areas with a smooth curved concrete edge and boulders to encourage park guests to stay within the designated camping areas and allow native vegetation to regrow in the surrounding area. A new road was also developed as part of this project; allowing easier access for large recreational vehicles in the campground. DHM has also recently completed designs for Loop A and Loop B, construction is in progress.

DHM was also tasked with evaluation of routes and design of trail/wall improvements for the historic Emerald Pools Trails Complex. There were a number of landslides that closed the Middle Emerald Pools Trail in 2010. DHM is working on rerouting the trail to reopen the loop and potentially extend the trail on a rediscovered historic route. Currently, there is access to all of the pools from the Lower Emerald Pools trail, however it is heavily congested as it is one of the easiest scenic trails within the Park. It is projected that about 2 million visitors will use the trail per year. DHM led the ‘Choosing By Advantages’ workshop and completed a Mini Value Analysis report. Opening up the route and extending the trail will provide much needed relief to the system.



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