Kiva Grand Opening at True Nature Healing Arts Center

TNHA owners Deva and Eaden Shantay continue to bring inspired vision and world-class amenities to life in Carbondale. DHM Design was a partner in the design of the Healing Arts Center facility, working with Terralink Structures, Land + Shelter Architects, Basalt Mountain Gardens, Lea Sisson Architect, Robert Schultz Consulting and many other talented individuals to bring this unique vision to life.

The Kiva was constructed over the course of two years and features spa facilities and a circular gathering space for trainings and workshops throughout the year. The Kiva is integrally tied to the surrounding gardens.

The landscape will continue to unfold over 2018 as the peace garden expands. New garden features will include a wishing tree, the Ganesha sculpture and the rooftop Zen garden. With the expansion, there will be more opportunities to stroll, rest and visit within the beautiful grounds.

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