Firm Overview

DHM Design is a story of continuous innovation and growth.

Established in 1975, we are an internationally recognized leader in landscape architecture, land planning, urban design and ecological planning. Our experience embraces a diverse portfolio of planning and design projects.

DHM is employee-owned with offices in Colorado and Montana. Organized around teams in various areas of expertise, we are able to draw on each other’s talents and skills to offer integrated, place-based design. We advocate a collaborative design process, working hand-in-hand with our clients, their communities and the design team to turn ideas into reality.

We are stewards of the land and that philosophy is reflected in every project we design. Inspired primarily by the natural beauty of our world, we are dedicated to its stewardship. Through conscientious investigations, we are able to create practical and intuitive solutions to the frequent ecological challenges that we face in our work.

We understand the nuances of creating real places and engaging the people who use them. Our calling is to create balance between form and function, vision and budget, desire and need. We excel at achieving project goals while satisfying diverse interests and creating places that fit within the larger context of environment and community.

We understand the power of place and our responsibility as landscape architects to positively impact people with our designs.  Through our dedication to creating community, we have gained valuable experience with site master planning, transportation planning, and facilitation of public involvement in the design process.






“One plans not places, or spaces, or things; one plans experiences.”
– John Ormsbee Simonds

In 1975, a group of like-minded landscape architects (Robert Erickson, Dean Harper, David Denton, and Richard Marshall) joined forces with the unified vision of creating innovative and realistic landscape designs. The collaboration was successful; by pooling their talents and resources they established a landscape architectural practice that provides high quality design and land planning skills accompanied with superior client service.

DHM Design is growing every day with new projects and greater technology. A new generation of Principals has adopted the values of the past and forged a new platform that responds to our ever-changing economy.We are able to invest in our business, gain additional market share, and continue to provide the excellent design and planning services we have provided since 1975. At DHM, we care about our work. We want to visit and enjoy the places we design, which is why we continue to be catalysts for sustainable design and champions of excellence in both planning and landscape architecture throughout the country.