October 16, 2016 | by Charlie


WomanEdina Tokodi is a Hungarian artist who lives and works in Brooklyn NY and uses plant material to create urban murals throughout the city. Her primary media is moss, however her most recent work “Succulent Living Wall in Green Spaces” features a large wooden frame filled with succulent plants, which creates a portrait of a woman when viewed from a distance.

Edina  explains that her work is meant to be touched.  “From the moment I put them on the street they start to have their own life. For me, the reaction of life on the street is also very important. I am curious about how people receive them, if they just leave them alone, or if they want to, take care of them or dismantle them. This is what makes my work similar to graffiti, although I am searching for a deeper social meaning and a dialogue with memories of the animals and gardens of my past in a small town in Central Europe. I believe that if everyone had a garden of their own to cultivate, we would have a much more balanced relation to our territories.”

The contrast of the natural materials and living figures with the harsh urban streetscape is refreshing…and best of all they’re alive and evolve over time.  For more stories on Edina Tokodi, visit our kindred blog, Inhabitat.

Images courtesy of Mosstika.com


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  1. cool, I like the ones on the griffiti wall bringing life and greenery into a totally paved environment, even if it’s temporary.

  2. My favorites are the on the cement wall as well, especially the polar bear. Great contribution, Charlie!

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