October 6, 2016 | by Laura

Despite my earlier blogs on what is landscape architecture and my attempt to distance our profession from the label of gardeners, I have to admit that I love to garden. In fact, one of the things that drew me to landscape architecture in the first place was a fascination with how people inhabit their yards and their sense of personal expression within that space. In the small mountain town where I live, we have an abundance of passionate gardeners who love to spill into their yards even though we have a relatively short growing season. Watching the gardens evolve and grow over the ten years that we have lived here, feels like a window into the stories of the gardeners themselves reflecting their own life transitions and stories.  It is as though the tale behind a particular rock wall or planting of Hollyhocks also reveals a window into the gardener’s personal history.


5 responses to “Real Gardeners”

  1. Laura…
    What a lovely contribution…..I absolutely loved the beauty and uniqueness of the various ways people express the love of their gardens and yards.
    The landscaping in Minnesota is more structured. What I love about Colorado are the
    free flowing mixed uses of so many various vegetation and mediums.
    Your photos made my rainy day so much more pleasant!

  2. You might like the book I just started: “Second Nature, a Gardener’s Education” by Michael Pollan, about Americans and their gardens.

    • I love Michael Pollan…Have you read “A Botany of Desire”? He looks at plants and their evolution from a unique perspective…from the “plant’s-eye view. He does a case study on four domesticated plants and explores how they have been grown, bred, and genetically engineered to fulfill our quest for beauty, intoxication, sweetness, and control.

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