October 13, 2016 | by Dave

Paths through the rock.Punta Pite is a small territory on the Chilean coast. Dark gray rock of the coastal mountain range rolls down to the beaches and creates a rugged landscape, still wild with it’s absence of human intervention. On a recent stay in Zapallar, Chile, we explored parts of this walkway.

A 27-acre piece of land has been undergoing residential development since 2003 when it was purchased by Consorcio Nacional de Seguro, a Chilean insurance company.  For the site’s environmental studies and overall landscape design, the company hired landscape architect, Teresa Moller , whose office is based in Santiago, Chile.

Essentially, this project is  a path system that allows exploration of this beautiful coast line, with very little impact, while creating an awareness among current and future residents of the rich diversity of the site’s flora.  The project extends several miles from the popular Playa del Peral through Zapallar to Parque de la Punta (the high point of the trail) and is open to the public,  providing meandering access to the coast among the private residential plots.

A combination of elaborate stairs, bridges, and simple pathways were built completely by hand, with forty stonemasons working simultaneously on site; cutting stone, assembling, and polishing. The pathway took two years to complete.

To further explore the seaside walkway, read the full article from Landscape Architecture.


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  1. Wow thanks for sharing Dave- the craftsmanship on the masonry is top shelf there-amazing how it fits into the existing rock.

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