January 19, 2016 | by bailey.haines

You all know what a palindrome is, right?  A word or sentence that can be read both forwards and backwards…like “do geese see god”  or “never odd or even”.

Jonathan Reed, a 20-something native of Atlanta, took palindromes a bit further with his submission to the AARP contest “U @ 50” in response to the question:  “How do you envision your future?”

In the wake of yet another disaster – the earthquake in Haiti – piled on equal and lesser disasters of ever increasing violence and injustice, this video gives me hope.  That someone, who should by all means be in the throws of their self-adoring, self-centered 20’s has the intelligence, optimism, and maturity to create something like this, is surely a sign that we have a chance at creating a better future.  I know that there are many more Jonathans out there: creative, hopeful, and insightful…we need you all.

Be sure to read, as well as listen, while you watch this video:   Lost Generation

Photo Credit: Kenneth Vetter


2 responses to “Palindrome”

  1. Great contribution, Bailey. It gives all of us at every age hope. I see so much good
    in the youth of our world. This just confirms it.

  2. Great information for the 50+ (60+) generation. I’ll be sure to read and watch for this author. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.