July 13, 2016 | by karen.current

Finnish photographer, Ilkka Halso, creates postmodern futures using a combination of actual built structures and digital rendering techniques.  Horrible, beautiful, and compelling, these images imagine a time when nature is an endangered artifact.  I think his work relates directly to the  need to focus on the “visitor experience” at our state and national parks. We build amphitheaters and visitor information plazas that frame these majestic places so people can be “taught” to appreciate nature. The implied fear is that if we don’t inspire active learning, these places will lose their position as treasures – and succumb to the frenetic interests of capitalism and resource depletion that could lead to the future Ilkka Halso is trying to warn us about…

Check out his website. There’s a button on the bottom to translate it to English.


One response to “Museum of Nature”

  1. This really makes me cringe, in a good way of course. Stops you in your tracks.