November 30, 2016 | by Laura

Here’s a good resource for anyone interested in healthcare garden design: Healing

The website is setup as a database to provide information on landscapes that promote health and well-being. Naomi Sachs, a landscape architect with an MLA from the University of California, Berkeley, is the Founder and Director of the Therapeutic Landscapes Network. Her enthusiasm and dedication to this effort is contagious. While the website is in its formative stages, it is still an excellent place to find other like minded designers and examples of built projects that focus on therapeutic landscapes.

The associated blog, Therapeutic Landscapes Network Blog, provides thoughtful and informative posts on relevant topics. I particularly enjoyed this post on Design Inspiration from the Huntington Children’s Garden.

This looks like a fun and stimulating place, even for a big kid. The garden is so successful in speaking to all of the senses through creative design and interactive play. For more information on the Huntington Children’s Garden , go to:

petals in bowl


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  1. Just stumbled across this post. Thanks, Laura! Yep, we’re working hard to make the website and blog all the more accessible as a knowledge base and gathering space. Thanks for helping to spread the word.

  2. Naomi,
    Thank you for your response. I attended the ASLA conference in San Fransisco a couple of years ago and have been following your blog/website since. I’m planning on attending the Healthcare Garden Design certification program in Chicago next May and am really excited about that opportunity. I have always believed in the healing aspects of the landscape and am looking forward to learning more. Here’s an earlier entry that I submitted to our blog on the subject: this was inspired in part by the healing garden tour at the San Francisco conference, perhaps you’ll remember Bruce:

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