October 14, 2016 | by Laura

Andy Goldsworthy in Rivers and TidesAndy Goldsworthy is an environmental sculptor and artist, born in 1956 in Cheshire, England. Goldsworthy creates his art in the landscape all over the world but primarily in his Scottish homelands using a wide variety of natural and found materials. His pieces include both permanent and temporary installations. As a landscape architect, his work is appealing because of his intimate relationship with his natural surroundings.

Historically, Goldsworthy used photography to capture the process of his work, but with the advent of you tube videos, we as an audience of viewers are able to witness his creative process in action. I find it such a powerful experience to watch the unfolding of his work as well as his physical and emotional response to the process. While watching him, I too am inspired to participate in my natural surroundings.

Here are two you tube videos that are both moving and humbling. In a culture where we place so much emphasis on tangible, concrete accomplishments, it is hard not to be touched by his willingness to surrender to the process even when it means letting go, whether ready or not.

Watch these VIDEOS:    Rivers and Tides …  Rivers and Tides 2


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  1. It was wonderful to become aquainted with this tender artist and his work. It’s very
    beautiful and peaceful. What a marvelous contribution, Laura.

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