2015 CASFM Honor Award Recipient

DHM was a proud recipient of two awards at this year’s Colorado Association of Stormwater and Floodplain Managers conference. Both projects highlight the importance and benefit of balancing socially responsible landscapes within the floodplain. The honor awards for Outstanding Achievement were presented for our leadership on Johnson Habitat Park and on the Basalt River Restoration. It is great to acknowledge the significant contributions that landscape architects bring to these projects through a close partnership with civil engineers to balance the human needs of a project with the engineering.

“Concrete channels, once considered an acceptable conveyance structure, are definitively no longer the norm,” said Laura Kirk, President of DHM. “We are seeing these kinds of projects build on a deep understanding of functional requirements, incorporating innovative ecological practices and exhibiting a sensitivity to the overall aesthetic appearance. I am excited by the ever expanding opportunities for landscape architects to continue to play a role in projects that push for more sustainable and better grounded ecological solutions.”

In both the Johnson Habitat and Basalt River Restoration projects, DHM played a pivotal role in challenging and pushing engineers to pursue more creative alternatives resulting in a much higher quality end product.