Frisco Peninsula Recreation Area

Frisco, Colorado


Frisco, Colorado

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Frisco Peninsula

DHM assembled and managed a team of experienced and talented consultants that provided planning and design services for the summer/winter recreation facilities master plan at the Town of Frisco’s Peninsula Recreation Area. The planning process included a series of Town staff and public meetings to define a program for current and future improvements. Town Council was engaged in the process through several public hearings to discuss the master plan and budgets for phase one improvements. DHM prepared financial analysis for construction costs, yearly staffing and maintenance costs, and projections for revenue generated by the proposed ‘pay-for-use’ activities. Although several previous master planning efforts had failed to garner public support, DHM was able to win support through an extensive outreach program using detailed illustrations of the proposed improvements in public meetings and on-line web sites. The master plan and the proposed first phase of the project were approved and funded by Town Council, and DHM’s team was retained to provide bid and construction documentation. The first phase includes a BMX/mountain bike park, a tubing hill/jib park with magic carpet lift and snow making system, day lodge, a new entry road into the park, visitor parking lots and associated infrastructure. The first phase also provided ‘stub outs’ for utilities anticipated in the future phase. Phase one opened on schedule prior to Thanksgiving 2010.